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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who can attend an ADHC center?
Any adult (18+) who needs supervision, assistance with activities of daily living, or medical care can attend an ADHC center.


How much does it cost to attend an ADHC center?
The program costs are typically covered by those who are enrolled in Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California). The cost of attending an ADHC program without that coverage varies depending on the center and the services provided. Contact your local center for more information.

Is transportation provided by ADHC centers?
Yes, ADHC centers typically provide transportation to and from their programs.

What types of activities are offered by ADHC centers?
ADHC centers offer a wide range of activities, including physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, and recreational activities.

Can ADHC centers provide medical care?
Yes, ADHC centers can provide healthcare services and medication management to individuals attending their programs.

How do I know if an ADHC center is right for me or my loved one?
You can determine if an ADHC center is right for you or your loved one by evaluating the center's services and programs, location and hours, licensing and accreditation, and visiting the center and talking to staff and participants.


Can ADHC centers provide respite for caregivers?
Yes, ADHC centers can provide respite for caregivers by offering supervision and care for their loved ones during the day.


What are the benefits of attending an ADHC center?
The benefits of attending an ADHC center include socialization and community, physical exercise and rehabilitation, mental stimulation and cognitive enhancement, healthcare and medication management, nutritious meals and snacks, recreational and therapeutic activities, transportation and accompaniment, and support groups and counseling.

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